Reader-Selector Information

We’ve been getting lots of requests for reader-selector information (Yeah!).  In fact, we currently have over 200 students, teachers, and librarians signed up as reader-selectors.

So we thought we’d put some of the information online.  Here it is in 3 easy steps

1. Give the reader-selector letter to interested students/teachers/parents. GW Reader Selector Letter 2012

2.  Email the current Gateway chair  amy.taylor at your reader-selector information.  (name, district, school, and whether they are a student, teacher, parent, etc. optionally we would like their email.)  We are trying to gather some data for the program. In addition, we are periodically sending email updates to the entire reader-selector group.

3.  Reader-selectors should read and rate the books using the rubric provided in the letter.  The rating should then be added to this excel document.  13-14 Gateway Prelim list rating sheet  If you are reading on your own – just fill in one column.  If you have a group of reader-selectors – please put all their scores on the excel spreadsheet.  There is an example on sheet 3 of the excel document.  *We are considering moving this to an online format – if that happens we will notify you before the Dec 1st deadline.*  Regardless, we will still accept emailed submissions.

4.  Send the ratings to me by December 1, 2012 via email amy.taylor at

Thank you so much for helping with this process – we understand that it is a ton of work.


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