Gateway – By the Numbers

This year we had 3899 votes.

A break down of the top three places is available via our listserv.

Our numbers are down from previous years.  So, please, please. please get the word out & promote!    We realize our nominees tend to be longer than students who have participated in other readers award programs are accustomed to – but they only have to read 3 of the nominees to vote.

The committee is discussing ways to increase participation.  For example, we added information about the program to the poster this year.  We also created a student website/blog.

Here at LSWHS we would love to have our teachers promote the program through class project, AR or extra credit – but that’s just not an option in our school.  So, one way we are trying to help increase our numbers for next year is by beginning our promotions for next year’s nominees right now.  (Thank you to our fellow MASL members who suggested this!)

Are there things you are doing in your own school that may help others?  If so, please leave them in the comments below.  


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