Time to get involved + Summer Read-Down List

As summer break approaches, recruiting for volunteers to help select the titles that will be a part of the 2015-2016 Gateway Readers Award moves into high gear.  There are a couple of opportunities to get involved, as detailed below.  Sign-up for either opportunity using the form located at http://goo.gl/X29OE .

1)  Serve as a reader-selector.  This sign-up will continue through mid-August and will involve students, teachers, and librarians (as well as anyone else in our state that enjoys reading YA).  By the end of August, a list of 25 titles will be sent to the reader-selectors and they will read and rate (single rating 1-5) as many of these titles as possible before Dec. 1st.  Reader-selectors are responsible for finding their own copies of their books, but help select the final nominees that end up on the 2015-2016 Gateway Readers Award list.

2)  Serve as a one-year committee member.  This person would not only fulfill the requirements of a reader-selector next fall, but also read/rate as many 2014 copyright YA titles as possible (expect to read around 100 titles, if not more, before Aug, 2015).  Committee members would also attend three committee meetings (end of July/early August, late January/early February, and Sat. before Spring Conference begins), help create promotional items for the 2015-2016 award year, and work the conference store at the 2015 MASL Spring Conference.  Their biggest task would be rate books (single rating 1-5) to help create the Reader-Selector list for next August.  A large perk of being a committee member is that publishers donate their possible consideration titles, which then get added to your library.  Committee membership is only available to current MASL members (since committee assignments do not begin until August, membership must already be paid for the 2014-2015 school year).  Sign-ups for one-year committee members end May 20th.

Speaking of committee members, this year’s Gateway Readers Award committee has spent the past 10 months reading and rating as many YA books with a 2013 copyright as possible.  These titles were recently narrowed down to a list of 55 (Gateway 2015-16 Summer Read-Down List), which all committee members will read and rate by the end of the summer.  Comment below to let us know which title(s) you are most excited to see on our Summer Read-Down list; the top 25 titles will make up the reader-selector list announced in August.


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