Promos 12-13

We’ve asked the authors of this year’s Gateway Nominees to provide a brief promo.  They will be in video or audio format and most will be 1-2 minutes long.  We’re hoping that librarians and teachers across the state will use these to promote the nominees with their students.

Please let us know what you think and how you used them in your school.

A Dog’s Purpose – W. Bruce Cameron

Five Flavors of Dumb – Anthony John


Chasing Brooklyn – Lisa Schroeder

Blank Confession – Pete Hautman

Rule of Attraction – Simone Elkeles


5 thoughts on “Promos 12-13

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  3. I’ll see what I can do. For some of these I don’t have the original digital version and therefore I can’t move them. However, I do have access to some; it’s just a matter of finding a free online site to house the files. I’ll try to get something together early next week.

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